American Health Associates opened in 1990 as a lab service provider to physician practices; soon after, we focused on developing a premier skilled nursing facility platform. Today, American Health Associates is the largest lab provider for long term care in the nation.

As the population ages there will be increased pressure on the network of skilled nursing facilities throughout the United States, it will be imperative for the nursing facilities to rely on experienced service providers. AHA has partnered with the nation’s leading long term care corporations to develop a range of services tailored to their needs.

American Health is a family-owned and operated company, our governance and management is driven by the family’s passion for clinical excellence and the care of the patients we serve.

The American Health Way

American Health Associates primary concern is for the patients entrusted to us; we bring a focus and passion to everything we do to ensure quality and timely results. We believe that our processes and methods make us different, and better, at providing lab services than our competitors. When we do good as a company, we know that good will happen for us and we always strive to be better at what we do.

Mission, Values, Code of Ethics


The mission of American Health Associates is to provide clinical laboratory services of unrivaled excellence through a passion for patient safety.

Core Values

Patient Well-Being

Each specimen is tied to a life. Within it, is the key to a patient’s health.


AHA always does what is best for the patients and for our employees. We invest in building the future of our company.


AHA invests in the future and in building the long-term value of our company.


AHA is a company of extraordinary ambition; we will work harder and provide better service to secure our growth.


A source of AHA’s strength is our ability to effectively communicate the company’s goals transparently throughout the organization.


AHA maintains high standards to ensure we always deliver quality results to physicians in order for them to make informed decisions.


AHA employees carry a passion for quality care to each and every task they perform.

Core Truths

We are a good company, we do not cut corners to become successful. We invest in relationships.

We are different. We touch the lives of people every day, and we have a passion for the treatment of the patients we interact with.

We are grateful. We understand that our success is the product of the hard work and effort of our employees throughout the country who work together to focus on patient safety.

If we do good things for clients, good things will happen for our company. We believe in the virtuous cycle of investing in ourselves.

Each of us is a leader. Each of us must own our role in the company and be trusted to promote the mission and values of the company.

We believe that by focusing on our core priorities we are stronger and better.

Code of Ethics

I will always do everything in my power to safeguard the well-being of patients. I will work harder and ensure the patients I interact with are provided the highest level of care. I will keep in mind the importance of what I do and honor the gravity of the job that has been entrusted to me by being a part in the treatment of a patient. I will work well with those around me and be a leader in my capacity for the company.

HIPAA Policy

American Health Associates complies with the HIPAA Policy  and protects the rights of patients by providing them with access to their protected health information (PHI), if allowable under state law, and the ability to control the use and disclosure of their PHI.

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